Managing a biobank involves many challenges. One needs to know the complicated functioning of a biobank, its management process and the associated legal aspects to ensure production quality and data security.

The application responds to these challenges by providing an independent intelligent biobank management system that complies with Polish law. The application allows tracking the production process, estimating time and costs, and effectively controlling product quality. The authenticity and correctness of the data stored in the application ensures compliance with the high certification requirements of organizations such as GLP or GMP.

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Biobank storage management application
diCELLa bioSTORAGE is a web-based application for the management of materials stored in the warehouse of PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURERS, PHARMACEUTICAL PRACTICALS AND OTHER RECEPTURAL MEDICINES PREPARED IN PHARMACIES, TISSUE AND CELL BANKS, BIOTECHNOLOGICAL LABORATORIES under GMP and GLP standards. The system allows you to define the requirements relating to each element stored in the warehouse by preparing material specifications. Thus, the application guides you step-by-step through the process of releasing material to the warehouse, storing, issuing as well as ordering missing materials. A unique feature of diCELLa bioSTORAGE is the management and documentation of intermediate materials that are prepared from the starting materials in your unit.

Data in diCELLA bioSTORAGE is protected from unwanted changes through BLOCKCHAIN technology, which ensures authenticity and non-repudiation.

Thanks to its compliance with GMP CFR 21 part 11, bioSTORAGE allows you to electronically maintain warehouse records in accordance with the requirements of good manufacturing practice and the Act of July 1, 2005 on the procurement, storage and transplantation of cells, tissues and organs.

By implementing typical processing and manufacturing operations, bioSTORAGE allows you to create internal material specifications, release record templates, label templates, intermediate material preparation records, define locations and parameters of physical storage locations.

diCELLa bioSTORAGE allows you to manage material suppliers, store information about their evaluation, qualification, and present supply history.

At any time, bioSTORAGE provides information about the status of materials in stock, informs about running out of materials and automates the ordering process.

Authorization levels in the diCELLa bioSTORAGE system

User - Employee in charge of processing/manufacturing
Storekeeper - Employee in charge of the warehouse
Manager - Quality person / person in charge / competent person