diCELLa Transplant EXPERT
The Cell Bank's procedures and guidelines for tissue donor qualification are complicated and require filling out a number of forms. The application allows you to easily and quickly carry out the entire procedure electronically.

The application allows defining the user's access level, as well as automatically generating reports. The data stored in the application is protected from unauthorized modifications, ensuring its authenticity and correctness thanks to blockchain technology.

Let's protect the tissue donor qualification process together!
diCELLa Transplant EXPERT
Application to register organ donor online
The Cell Bank has a complex structure and procedures when qualifying tissue donors, which must be passed in accordance with Polish law. However, they are complicated and require filling out a large number of documents and forms.

The application allows to go through all the procedures electronically in an efficient and simple way for the user. The application helps determine the user's level of authorization, as well as automatically generating a report. The data is protected by appropriate safeguards against unwanted changes, ensuring authenticity and correctness.

Data in diCELLa Transplant EXPERT is protected from unwanted changes through BLOCKCHAIN technology, ensuring authenticity and non-repudiation.

diCELLa transplant EXPERT acts as an archive of statistics while streamlining the work of medical personnel by generating PDF reports.

diCELLa transplant EXPERT is compliant with the LEGAL ACT ON BIOBANKING, i.e. the Law of July 1, 2005 on the collection, storage and transplantation of cells, tissues and together with the implementing acts (regulations) to this law.

diCELLa transplant EXPERT is adapted for cooperation (transfer of tissues and cells between medical facilities and banks) with TISSUE AND CELL BANKS (in accordance with the Act on Collection, Storage and Transplantation of Cells, Tissues and Organs) and PRODUCTIONS OF ADVANCED THERAPY MEDICINAL PRODUCTS (ATMP) (in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Law).

Levels of authority in diCELLa transplant EXPERT system

Staff - people who are employees of the hospital, but do not have sufficient authority to make decisions about patient health and tissue.

Doctor - hospital employees who have medical authorization.

Manager - the manager of a project involving tissue procurement, who in addition to all the powers of the above groups, has access to the administrative panel, where he can change, among other things, the users of the system and manage his accounts, the tissues that can be collected in the system, or the data of the hospital and its cooperating entities