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Diagnostic Imaging

DIWatcher offers the highest quality services for the analysis of the diagnostic imaging ecosystem data.
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Safe cooperation between the sponsor, researcher and monitor

The clinical trial process involves many people who are responsible for carrying out the procedure at every stage. The diCELLa eCRF clinical trials roles system allows monitoring of all stages of this process, so that the person commissioning the trial can be sure that it is proceeding as planned.

Data protection provided by blockchain technology

We made it! We developed a unique technology solution that provides the skyrocket blockchain security to our data. We have been granted with the patent of our approach. Learn more.

Artificial intelligence supporting the researcher at each stage of a clinical trial

A revolutionary data modeling tool that helps you with managing your clinical trials. It provides you with the best possible data quality and helps you to make the right decisions.

Dedicated system tailored to the individual client's needs

We developed a unique information technology solution that provides the fastest way to start eCRF with the powerful flexibility to fulfill your needs. Just tell us and we will do it!

You can get your system in less then 5 days!

An original data modeling and managing system gives you possibility to get your system in less then

5 days!


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Misztal, PhD
CEO, Founder, R&D Team Leader
Kubica-Misztal, PhD
COO, Founder, Product Developer Manager

Flexible & reliable software

Trust our team with creating a unique software solution for managing your clinical trial according to your needs.