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The job in the laboratory is tedious and detailed, taking a lot of time for preparing research material, appropriate tools and the environment.
That is why we come across this proccess by providing solutions for companies, which make laboratory functioning easier.


We help in the interpretation and analysis, mainly for microscopic images, by providing innovative solutions in the form od applications available for users.
Our services include assessment of angiogenesis or speed of the wound healing process.
As a result, the time spent on manual analysis of the obtained results is reduced, and also ensures greater efficiency.
Our proposals can be found in the Products tab.


We also design technologies for your commercial profile. Our offer includes web services, cloud applications and SaaS systems.

The SaaS system - Software as a Service - is a system that provides the possibility of distributing and using software over the Internet. The user of such software doesn’t worry about updating or management, because these obligations rest with the service provider.


We prepare knowledge reports for your technology. It is also possible to prepare Freedom to Operate (FTO) and "market clearing" analyzes. Thanks to these tools, we support decision-making in the field of market development, whether a new technology is repeated with the existing one and does not infringe any rights.

FTO – Freedom to Operate – is an analysis that checks whether a new technology infringes the rights of other existing products before it is introduced to the market.

Market clearing – a process by which supply is equated to demand.


In the case of a large amount of data, the structure of which is complicated, we provide solutions that will help in their analysis.
Despite the fact that the analysis of such data is difficult, it is also valuable for the company. We meet this issue by taking appropriate actions on big data, thanks to which we can tell you what is hidden in them.


If you have a problem with your data and need to analyze it, you've come to the right place.
We carry out a practical data analysis so that it becomes useful for your company. We properly define the problem and the direction of the analysis, we separate the components and we focus largely on the verification of the correctness of the data - whether there are any missing values or errors. Then we process the results.