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We provide great support for image interpretation especially, unusual stuff.

Fresh science

We use the newest ideas in image analysis discovered by us and scientists worldwide.

Creative ideas

We create new approaches to prepare dedicated solutions for you, which can efficiently analyze your data.

Innovatie strategy

Come and meet us. We prepare dedicated solution especially for you.

Quality designs

Based on our expert experience we manage quality of our solutions, you can have access to the best, reliable products.

Know-how building

We can help you with building your know-how about your problem, which allows you to better understand behind-scene ideas.

Technology of tomorrow

We use the newest techniques in artificial intelligence such as deep learning, which allows us to prepare sophisticated solutions for you

Our services

We provide the best customer service to our customers

Dedicated solutions for labs

We provide significant and complex solutions to improve functioning of the laboratory for companies like your.

Tools for microscopic images analysis

Advanced image analysis can make your work easier, cheaper and more efficient. Join us for innovative solutions, perfectly fitted for your needs.

Data mining

We perform practical examination of your data and analyze it from different perspectives so it becomes of use for your company

State-of-the-art reports

We can prepare State of the Art report for your technology. If you consider patenting we can perform Freedom to Operate (FTO) or "market clearance" analysis for you.

Big data

Do you have a lot of data? We can tell you what is important in it.

Dedicated SaaS Systems

Web services, cloud solutions, SaaS software - leading technologies designed for your commercial profile.

You can use our application right now - go to diCELLa Image Service



diCELLa transplant EXPERT

Let's together secure the procedures and guidelines for qualification of a tissue donor !

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Effectively manage a biobank warehouse with our application!

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Image Service

diCELLa COVID classify

Fast analysis of CT or X-Ray Lung scans - just do it now!

diCELLa Scratch ASSAY

Fast analysis of scratch assay - just do it now!

diCELLa Angiogenesis ASSAY

Angiogenesis assay - do analysis in the right way!

diCELLa Cytotoxicity ASSAY

Cytotoxicity - check the quality of being toxic to cells

diCELLa White ADIPOSE Tissue

White Adipose Tissue Assay analysis can be effective - just do it with us!

diCELLa Counting SYSTEM

Counting cells - fast, objective, reproducible - do it with us!


Analyze cells’ movement in the right way


diCELLa w akceleracji KPT ScaleUP

Jako jedni z dwudziestu startupów uczestniczymy w czwartej edycji akceleracji KPT ScaleUP. Każda z młodych spółek wyróżnia się innowacyjnym rozwiązaniem dla Industry 4.0. Przez sześć miesięcy będzie rozwijać we współpracy z naszym partnerem przemysłowym firmą Voxel.

diCELLa vs. COVID-19

Czas kwarantanny nie był stracony dla Bardzo ciężko pracowaliśmy nad naszym nowym rozwiązaniem w zakresie klasyfikacji COVID-19, które będzie dostępna na naszej platformie Wszystkich zainteresowanych zapraszamy do współpracy.

#stayhome #workhome

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a lot of time to work from home. Maybe, it is also a time to equip yourself with the image analysis tools. We prepared the special offer for you! #stayhome #workhome



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R&D Team Leader


Senior Data Specialist


Senior Software Developer, Team Leader


Senior Software Developer


Data Analytics Engineer


Data Analytics Engineer


Senior Software Developer