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Managing a biobank creates plenty of challenges. One needs to know biobank functioning intricacies, its management process, related law aspects, ensure production quality and data security. The application responds to these challenges by delivering a self-contained intelligent biobank management system that complies with the Polish law. The application allows tracking the production process, time and cost estimation, as well as the effective quality control of products. The authenticity and correctness of the data stored in the application ensure that the demanding certification requirements of such organisations as GLP or GMP are met.

Effectively manage a biobank warehouse with our application!

diCELLa bioSTORAGE appliaction for managing a biobank warehouse

diCELLa bioSTORAGE is a web application used to manage the work of the magazine in PHARMACEUTICAL AND BIOTECHNOLOGICAL LABORATORIES in the GMP and GLP standard. The system allows you to define the requirements for each item stored in the warehouse, and then leads step by step through the process of control when they are taken into the state. diCELLa bioSTORAGE also allows you to manage products produced in the laboratory and their specifications. At any time, you can check whether the state of the magazine allows you to produce, and if not - the application makes it easier to generate a new order.

The data in diCELLa bioSTORAGE is protected against unauthorized changes by BLOCKCHAIN technology, which ensures their authenticity and non-repudiation.

Thanks to compliance with GMP CFR 21 part 11 allows bioSTORAGE for ELECTRONIC CONDUCT OF STORAGE DOCUMENTATION.

diCELLa bioSTORAGE allows you to conveniently keep records of acceptance and release of starting and intermediate materials. Additionally, it automates the generation of labels on released materials. Thanks to that, tracking materials that have direct contact with tissues and cells becomes a comfortable and light-duty task.

diCELLa bioSTORAGE is in line with EU-DOCUMENTS DESCRIBING GOODS FOR GOOD PRODUCTION of advanced products and medical therapies and the requirements of the Act dated. July 1, 2005 on the collection, storage and transplantation of cells, tissues and organs.

diCELLa bioSTORAGE allows you to MANAGE SUPPLIERS for items stored in the warehouse. For each supplier it is possible to generate a statement, how many elements he sold complied with the standards and were used in production.

Thanks to the implementation of typical functions and activities performed in the processing and manufacturing processes, bioSTORAGE allows creating internal specifications of materials, release form patterns, label designs, records from the preparation of intermediate materials, defining the locations and parameters of physical storage locations.

Permission levels in the diCELLa transplant EXPERT system

  • User - an employee who conducts processing / manufacturing.
  • Storekeeper - employee responsible for the warehouse.
  • Manager - person for quality / responsible person / competent person

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